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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Hey Blogger! Before I begin with my current obsession, I'd like to greet a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. Sorry. It's late. I know. Sue me! :) Anyway, I haven't posted any blogs lately, (duh.. it's been a month!) because of the Holidays and because of my current obsession for this year.

Here's my List of Obsessions:

1. #GREYSESSED - Fifty Shades Trilogy
Forgive me for being obsessed with a fictional character who is totally perfect. (Wish he was real. I'd like to admire a real person.) I've read the books, yeah. I know what they are all about before I read them and not being able to put them down. :)

So, the first book which is 50 Shades of Grey is the introduction between the two characters and learning that Mr. Grey seem perfect, he has a very dark secret. Second is about crazy "ex-subs" of Mr. Grey, crazy turn of events and digging deep about his past. What made him that way and who is responsible for it. The third book is the 50 Shades Freed, my favorite, is about their lives settling together. Marriage and children which is all too early for their relationship, and the person who tried to ruin all of it. It's a fantasy book for me but if there's a little bit changes from the book, I'd take it as reality. But I love the way it is.

There's also this voting in who gets to play the billionaire, control-freak but oh-so-hot Mr. Grey since it's being made in to a motion picture... As for me, any of these guys will do. YES PLEASE!

Henry Cavill. Matt Bomer. Ian Somerhalder

2. Galaxy
I want them!!! I mean, I see a lot of photos of shirts, pants, nails that are just fabulous with a galaxy print on them, and in an instant, I love them. They are insanely gorgeous! I know this has been trending since mid of last year, SO WHAT? I still love them and hopefully, I can purchase them because a lot of them are DIY and frankly, I'm not good at it. I've never tried it but it looks so difficult to do. I'm lazy. I know. You happy?

I'm planning to do the nails though, I love it so much I want it on my finger tips! :)) Here's a great galaxy nail tutorial video, if you want to try them, it is definitely easy and gorgeous! Clcik this -> PolishandPearls to check them out. :) OR watch it here and subscribe to her channel MissJenFABULOUS :)

3. Ombre
This is so what's in this year. Ombre hair. It's a mix of colors that should be dark on the roots and very light at the tips of the hair. I want this any time soon. I mean, I am not vain when it comes to hair. I don't color them, I've permanently curled them once! (Of course it wore off after almost a year so it's not really permanent, duh.) And I don't like the idea of rebonding my hair. Just this once, I'd like to treat my hair!

Looks great isn't it? I envy this girl. I'd have to wait for a few months though because my hair is boob length. So, this is definitely part of my plan for what I'm gonna do this year. :)

4. YouTube
I'm obsessed with these guys. They are Finn HarriesDan Howell and Jack Harries. I've always fancied British guys. I don't know why but I guess it's because of Harry Potter. :) I just love watching these guys on YouTube because they come up with the silliest ideas and things that you don't even bother to think about but you can relate to.

YouTube accounts: Jack and Finn's - JacksGap
                              Dan's - danisnotonfire

So, there you go! Thanks for reading this craziness!!! :)

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  1. those guys are just drop dead gorgeous jess!

    1. IKR! SUBSCRIBE to them!! BTW, jess??? :)


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