Gold and Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

HI guys! This is my first make up feature! I am a BEGINNER when it comes to make up and I have to learn so much more! Thank goodness for YouTube and, I learned so much from it. So, I just want to share some of eye makeups that I have done, and hopefully, it will improve! :))

Look no. 1

This look is very light but very vibrant in person. I used gold'ish yellow for the inner corners and brown to bronze colors at the outer corners of the eyes.
I used "fake" fake lashes btw. ;P 'cause I don't have the eyelash glue for my fake eyelashes... pfft!

Look no.2

Here, I've darken the outer corner a bit just to achieve a smokey look while the first photo was lighter. I still used gold/yellow eyeshadow for the inner corner, and some browns and dark browns and black to the outer corner. I think I have to work on blending them. :) Same thing btw with the lower half of the eyes. :) (I'm sorry, I'm not good at explaining makeup). I used liquid eyeliner and a regular mascara. that's it. 

So what do you guys think? 1st look? 2nd? Do I pass? Haha! Thanks for reading!

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