NYX 2014 Soft Matte Lip Cream in Zurich: Swatch and Thoughts (Beginner for Nudes)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hi guys! So since I heard that NYX came up with the new colors for their Soft Matte Lip Creams, I just had to get one myself! I don't really splurge on make-up, what I do is buy one that I will surely like because I don't want to waste a good product if I end up not liking it.

So out of the new nude colors that they released, I picked up Zurich because I don't really wear nudes and I felt brave on trying something new. I just don't think that nudes will suit me, but I took a chance. I was afraid I will look washed out or too pale but Zurich was just right for me. It has the right amount of nude, pink and peach, kind of an old rose color or a faded pinkish peach which is a really lovely shade in person. It's not the extreme kind of nude, but just perfect for my lips.

Here's a swatch. It looks a bit darker here, I don't know if it's the lighting but it's lighter in person.

So, if you're a beginner for nudes like myself, I highly recommend Zurich for you. Not too light like Cairo and not a dark nude or mauvey like Cannes (although I must say, Cannes is a pretty color). The fact that it's nude and matte, I'd have to say it does pick up dry skin from your lips though. So, don't forget to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before and after using matte lip products. What I do is I don't wear lip balms before I put on a matte lip product, I do it overnight because it's much more satisfying for me, plus you get to use the lip cream on its own, being in its own color.

So here's my face.

This lip cream will be best if paired with a slightly darker eye make-up. I'll try it sometime and post it :).
I bought from an online seller, and it cost Php300.00 ($6.85).

What's  your fave NYX SMLC so far?


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  1. This lip cream is veeery nice *-* I love the color!

    1. i agree! i really like this no makeup makeup look :)


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