Maybelline Hypercurl Volum' Express Waterproof and a Huge Maybelline Sale!

Friday, December 07, 2012

Hi everyone! For those Philippine residents out there that are missing out, I'd like to inform you that Maybelline has a HUGE SALE this month! Have you heard? Yes? No? Oh well, gonna post it anyways!

(I think this is only for the Philippines though. I'm not sure.)

It is indeed a CRAZY SALE and not all of the products are in the image but most of their products are on sale. I've visited them at SM Department Store and this will be going until the end of the month! No gift ideas yet for your mom? Sissy? Girlfriends? Well, take advantage of this huge sale!

I for one did took advantage of it. I wasn't such a fan of Maybelline (I am now!). Haven't purchased anything there until this sale came up. So, I first researched for mascaras. I read reviews, YouTube reviews and I was planning on purchasing on Maybelline Falsies 'cause there are great reviews about it or maybe even the Colossal Mascara. But I came across this Hypercurl. Not sure if this is exclusively for Asians since I haven't seen any reviews of it coming from the states so I thought, I could purchase it and see it for myself. And I got it!

This is a basic mascara that I got. It doesn't have that bendy wand and the applicator is not that... arched? Anyway, I tried and tested it out! By the way, it's retail price is around 250 pesos, but I got this for only 200 pesos! :))

See the difference? Obvious right? I had my eye lashes curled in this photo because if I hadn't, you won't see the difference 'cause my lashes grows straight downward. Boohoo for me. :(

SO, my first impression is, it's kind of volumizing, a little, maybe yeah. It's definitely lengthening. It doesn't flake. It doesn't clump as much. It does, but just a teeny bit. So, TIP is, you want your applicator to have less of the product in it so that it won't clump. If it does, use a lash comb. If you don't have a lash comb, use your fingers and pinch the area where the clump is and gently pull the clump. Don't pinch it too tight, or otherwise you're gonna pull your lash out. You don't want that to happen specially when you're using a waterproof mascara. Does it last? Yes. I would use this for everyday basis. It looks natural and for me (without curling your lashes). But, of course, it's not perfect because it's hard for it to come off and I didn't have any make up remover. Another TIP is you can use Baby Oil and pour a little amount of it on a cotton pad. Don't use the cotton balls because the fibers get in your eyes. Slowly and gently remove the mascara. Some use Olive Oil but I used Baby Oil and works fine.

I know that just because it says "HYPERCURL" doesn't mean it's gonna curl on itself! But, I did tried it on my lashes alone. Again, my lashes are really stubborn because they just grow straight downward. So, I used it alone, and it lifted up my lashes which I'm very pleased. I'm not sure if it's the same effect with a washable Hypercurl Mascara though.

Will I purchase it again? Yeah. But next time, I'm gonna try the washable mascara. Because I'm really concerned with my lashes and I want the product to easily come off. :) How about you? Washable or Waterproof? Let me know by commenting down below!

Thanks for reading!

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  4. I love Maybelline! I'm a big fan of their lip balm and foundations :)

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  7. How I wish there's a sale like that where I live too >-< This mascara gives such a nice and natural look. Looks great!!



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