Tied the knot!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hello ♥

Me and my hubby (officially) was recently wed last May 23rd. I can't actually describe the feeling of the whole process in one word. From the planning to going to different shops, contacting different people and getting all the paper works done. All I can say that it was exhausting and yes, stressful especially if you decide to plan your own wedding and not getting a wedding planner to help (but I do suggest you get one or have friends to help you out because it will break you.. I swear).

Anyways, our big day came and a lot of unexpected things happened! Our wedding was delayed for 30 minutes! I was in the car waiting for 30 minutes because there was a problem with the music at the church but thank goodness we had a wedding planner just for that day to help us. All these unexpected things happens but in the end, all of it did turn out the okay ♥

Here are some photos from our wedding :)

My groom looking dashing!

I look awkward in this photo.

That moment.....

(This is really priceless.. :') )

(my mom, nephew (lower left) and our two kids!)

Here's our wedding video. :) It may not be available in some countries and devices, you can click here if you really want to watch it. :) Thank you Exquisite Motion Productions for doing a great job with this video. Loved it!

Our wedding is not as extravagant as any other church wedding, but it is what we wanted. Small, solemn and simple which I think is enough for any kind of wedding. Our family and close friends were there to witness our unity and I couldn't be more grateful. ♥

There could be a lot of unexpected things that may happen on your wedding day, but seriously, you just have to enjoy every bit of it because whatever happens, happens.

I am really thankful that the people who are important to us were there. Although, hubby's dad couldn't join us, we are still thankful that everything went well. ♥

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  1. Congrats on your wedding! God bless your family :)


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