Colors of 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

So, we all know that Green is IN this year, but what particular shade? The best basis for colors of the year is of course, Emerald is the shade of the year, not necessarily just for clothes but also accessorizing your simple look with these emeralds. But if you're not so keen on green, check out these colors from Pantone that works well this year.

♥ Tender Shoots ♥ Poppy Red ♥ Nectarine ♥ Monaco Blue ♥ Linen
♥ Lemon Zest ♥ Grayed Jade ♥ Emerald ♥ Dusk Blue ♥ African Violet 

They look so good!

I love the colors, I think that they are adorable. These colors works well with each other like the grayed jade and emerald, I think they will look fantastic for eye make up and also the dusk blue. So, very bold colors for this year. I'd love to wear all of them and experiment on different mixes of colors. :)


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