My Everyday Drugstore Make-up Products (Philippines)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Natural and glowing are the two important things that I keep in mind whenever I do may everyday make-up. I use them to a minimal if I have to because I don't like too much make-up on my face, except of course if I have to attend an event. Each of these products are under a Php100.00 except for the cheek and lip gel. These are my list of make-up that I use everyday.

1. Moisturizer. First, I start of by moisturizing my skin with Myra E Moisturizer. of course, you gotta moisturize your face because some products can really dry up your skin. :)

2. Liquid foundation. I apply this Ever Bilena Shine Free Liquid Foundation. This is actually the first time I used an Ever Bilena Foundation. It is in almond shade, the lightest of all. although, I've tried before the Careline liquid foundation, which, I must say, works better for me. The thing is, for me, in my opinion, the Ever Bilena Shine Free Foundation doesn't work well in humid places. So you have to have a setting powder for this one, I recommend a loose powder. I don't know. If it works well for you, go on using it. But I think, I'll switch back to Careline OR I'll purchase their HD foundation. If you have any drugstore liquid foundation that you'd like to suggest, comment to this blog. Thanks!

3. Setting powder. I use this Nichido Fancy Colors press powder in Light. I love this press powder because it can work along or as a setting powder and gives you that fresh look. :) I've hit pan already and if it's still in stock, I would repurchase. Although, I'd also like to try different press/loose powder as a setting powder.

4. Eye Shadow. I don't use a concealer. I guess I don't need it that much. I get zits every now and then, but they rarely pop in my face. They usually are in my scalp and I don't even notice them unless I brush my hair. BTW, I just brush my hair after every bath. I don't brush my hair enough. I know. But because they are just usually tame. Anyway, so I move on to eye shadow. Just any white eye shadow, whether if it is a pearl/shimmery, matte or a jumbo pencil eye shadows, it's fine. But I use this eye shadow that I've purchased at Saizen in Robinsons Ermita. I love it. It's really affordable for just Php 85.00. It's an eye shadow quad. I have 2; one that comes in brown shades and another one that comes in purple shades. This is Saizen Ellefar Pearl Eye Shadow in Natural Brown.

5. Eyebrow Pencil. This is a must have for me because I have no one to inherit thick eyebrows. My eyebrows are very thin and scattered. Thank goodness for plucking and eyebrow shading, I manage to fake eyebrows. Thumbs UP! To have natural looking brows, I use a gray shade and line them at the upper and lower sides of my brows and use a brow brush to achieve the look I want. I do use brown shades only if I'm going to an event. :)

6. Eyeliner. I need an eyeliner to look like I have thick lashes! I use Ever Bilena Eyeliner. Since, my eyes are in the middle of standard to hooded eyes, I apply a very thin line from the inner corner and thicken it up slightly to the outer corner of the eyes. Sometimes, I apply it in the middle of the eyelids and thicken it up a little to the outer corners of the eyes, just so it would appear that I have eyelids! :)

7. Mascara. Just to open up the eyes and make you look awake. :) I use my Maybelline Hyper Curl Volum' Express Mascara. It's a regular mascara that makes your lashes look really natural after applying 1 to 2 coats of it. I like it because I want my lashes to look natural and light and they do the job. :) They are a lengthening but not to the extent that they look fake and separates my lashes.

Or, I use this advance HD colorless Mascara by Ever Bilena for that natural looking lashes. :)

8. Lip and Cheek Tint/Stain/Gel. I use Fashion21's Lip and cheek gel in no. 2. I love this product so much! It's not a tint, but a gel. How cool is that? The sales assistant told me that it lasts so much longer than the ordinary lip and cheek tint. I would definitely repurchase. My L&C Gel is very abused already. :) The only thing, I HATE about this product is the packaging. Because the packaging is like for a lip gloss. It doesn't have a wand and it gets all over the place. So, what I do, I just make sure that I store it neatly and it should be in a standing-like position to avoid spilling. And, if you spotted this product and wanted to try them, be careful, because for a chapped lips, it kind'a stings a little. :( The up side of this product is that, it really does lasts longer! I've eaten, had a drink and it stays. But of course, not as perfect as I had it put on but still, I'm satisfied. :)

9. Lip Balm/Moisturizer. I use Maybelline's Baby Lips Pink Glow. This is by far the best lip balm ever for me. It's so moisturizing that I don't even remember anymore the last time I had dry/chapped lips. I am so grateful for this product. I would definitely repurchase. Also, you can wear them alone because it gives a little pink color to your lips. :)

I don't use them all at once because I'm too lazy to do so. Haha! Kidding! I just want my make-up to be light and I don't like retouching every now and then. :) And that's my every day make-up products!

 Thanks for reading!!

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  1. i super hate the foundation from ever bilena! ahz in super~ i really regret buying that foundation, what you wrote is true, it doesn't work well in humid places like out country~

    1. Yeah, it's like, it melts on your face... I don't know about the HD though. But I'm going back to my everyday foundation which is the Careline Liquid foundation.. :)) What's your everyday foundation? :)


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