Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Air-Whipped Liquid Foundation First Impression Review (UPDATED)

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Hi guys! For my first blog post this year, I've taken advantage of the Maybelline Sale! I think it lasted for a whole month of January and I wanted to buy this liquid foundation for quite some time and thank goodness, I got it for Php300.00 ($6.29) instead of its original price which is Php499.00 ($10.46).

First of all, my skin is not perfect, I do sometimes have blemishes like some dry patches and uneven skin tone and I rarely get zits that's why I opt for press powder or compacts instead of liquid foundations. Aside from dry patches, I sometimes experience oiliness on the face but not too much.

I got mine in the shade B5 which is a tad bit lighter but I don't really mind at all since I don't really need much coverage so I'll be applying this lightly on my face.

Product claims: "Our unique air-soft formula provides poreless, satin-smooth looking skin. Extraordinary coverage that does not clog pores. Long lasting and moisturizing all day."

I like the packaging of this! I like that there's a pump and you still can control how much product you want to put on since it doesn't pump out too much. Since it is on a glass bottle, carrying this around is not recommended. It has 30ml of product and since I got this on sale, that is really worth more than what I paid for! It has SPF 24 PA+++ so, is it flash photo friendly?

So you get this thick product with just one pump.

That's a lot for just one pump! A little goes a long way so this product should last me a long time to finish!

Here, I've tried covering this eyeliner with just one layer and as you can tell it has light to medium coverage.

Here I am bare faced :)

And here with just one layer of foundation. It covered my uneven skin tone and lighten up some dark spots below my eyes and covered some redness around my nose. It does feel a little sticky even after it sets, I mean, when you touch your face, it doesn't feel powdery at all so I recommend using a setting powder if that bothers you.

Here's my face with light makeup on, I just put on eyebrows, blush, lippie and highlight.  

With flash photography. It's okay I guess, not that bad but still my face looks darn white comparing to my body! This photo was taken after 2 hours of application.

And this is my blotting paper after 6 hours of wear! I was surprised that my face had oiled up so much wearing this product. But given that it was a very hot day, the foundation didn't manage to control the oil.

Here's my thoughts.

♥ It does look good in person, and just natural looking. Very satin finish.
♥ Managed to even out my skin tone and some red spots on my face like on the nose area.
♥ Buildable.
♥ Doesn't feel or look cakey even after hours of wearing.
♥ Feels light on the face.

♦ I don't recommended this for oily skin. So you might want to blot after a few hours. Some people find that this works for them even though they have oily skin but for me, on its own, I have to powder my face to lock the foundation in.

My rating: 

I'm actually torn between 3 and 4 stars rating, so I'll give it a 3.5 stars! It is a good foundation for my type of skin, it is long lasting for me and I don't mind blotting. Will I buy this product again? As for me, to be honest, no, because I know Maybelline has greater liquid foundations other than this one. :)

I know this foundation has been out since mid of last year, if you have tried this product before, let me know your thoughts! Also, if you have blogged this, link me and I would love to read it! Thanks!


So I have been using this for quite sometime now because I forgot to buy my shade which is in B2. I have learned to love this foundation and what I do to make it look like it matches my skin tone is that I use my L'oreal Mat Magique as a setting powder because that compact matches my skin. I just lightly brush it on my face then after that, do my contour and blush and VOILA! It works like magic!

So now, I am changing my rating from 3 stars to 4 stars!

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