Simple, Easy and Affordable Way to Clean your Brushes!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

This is probably the easiest, most affordable and simplest way to clean brushes. I just started collecting make-up brushes earlier this year and I was having problems on how to clean brushes. I don't want to use dish washing liquids and I wasn't sure if that was okay to use for the brushes. 

At first, I used this brush cleaner solution and I was supposed to soak the brushes for 2 minutes but I didn't because the first time I soaked it for 2 minutes, didn't really clean the brushes and the "gunk" of product was still in the brush hairs. So that was disappointing. Now, I left it more than two minutes, I believe I left it for like 15 minutes or so... and the nightmare happened. You might've guessed it already. Yes. My freaking brushes shredded. All my brushes shredded and that one pencil/smudge brush that I just bought, was destroyed. 

Lesson learned. Now, I have to use something mild but also had to make sure that it will clean my brushes. And so I used my Dove Beauty Bar (under Php50.00). Dove Bars are very mild and really leaves the skin soft and nourished and I was hoping it will do the same to my brushes.

It was an answered prayer! It did clean my brushes plus, it smelled nice. It's probably the cheapest alternative to those products that are meant to clean brushes. I just used a clean hand towel, a small basin (optional), my dove soap and that's it. No other cleaning solutions or fancy tools needed but you may use a brush egg if you wish but as for me, a hand towel is okay.

So here are the steps on how I clean my brushes and how to make sure that there are no residues! 

1. Soak the brush tip in to the small basin filled with water.
2. Rub/gently brush the brush against the soap and make sure you get in between the hairs.
3.  Gently squeeze out the soap bubbles from the brush to remove the residue.
4. Extra step, take your clean hand towel and rub the brush against it. You will see that there are still some residue left that the previous step missed.
5. Rinse. Dip the hairs of the brush in to the basin and rinse out the bubbles.
6. On the other side of your clean hand towel, rub the brush again and you will no longer see any residues at all. ♥
7. Air dry.

The results are awesome and thinking that I don't need to spend so much on brush cleaners is even more awesome! Let me know what do you use to clean your brushes and if it works wonders! I don't think I'll need to try brush cleaners for now so I'll settle for this alternative instead!

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  1. oh my, thanks for the warning - must not soak brushes on cleansers ever. i use johnson and johnson baby shampoo but i was thinking of using soap instead since its solid so t might have a different or better cleansing effect. i might just try this in the future :) ps. your brushes are adorable!

    1. Lesson learned! It was my first time to use brush cleaning solutions and now I know how harsh they can get. I'm settling for soaps now! :)

  2. Just the post I need! Thank you so much for this. Will clean my makeup brushed later.


    1. Hi Izza, thanks for leaving a comment! Glad this post helped! ♥


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