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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Okay guys, (wow, not the standard "Hi guys" opening this must be serious... LOL no.) this has been in my head for weeks now, and I keep on forgetting to post about it. I just wanted to share my thoughts, and take on "Instagram makeup".

I love makeup and I put it on for me, and not for the eyes of anyone else which is probably one of the reasons why other people love makeup as well. Well, anyway, what is up with Instagram Makeup? I LOVE Instagram more than Facebook because, one, it has less drama and two, it's not just a bunch of photos in your feed but only the "select" best ones. As a beauty enthusiast, (I still don't think of myself as a "beauty blogger") I adore scrolling through beauty hashtags, #makeup to be exact and some I find very new for my taste. This is MY opinion, and I'm not heading towards anything here. I mean, yeah, you can wear that much contour, yes, you can highlight your face as bright as the sun for all I care but I just find it, for me, almost too overly done. I guess people do it because they want to capture every product that they use on their face. Believe me, I find many of these Instagram Makeup really pretty and absolutely gorgeous! But some are odd, overly done and just ridiculous!

Here, I'm just going to share some of YouTube videos from YouTbers that I love and their take on these Instagram Makeup. And what they are saying is exactly what I am pointing out.

And I have to add this one too.

Seriously though... These Beauty Makeup Artists knows it. 

To be honest, I would love to try Instagram Makeup but just for the fun of it because why not!? LOL and YOLO right? I have absolutely nothing against it. If tons of makeup on your face is what brings you happiness, then please do.. Just go right ahead with all that heavy foundation, sharp contour, flashy highlights and overdrawn lips. If it makes you happy, then continue doing it! :)

Let me know of what you think about this and we'll have a chat on the comments section! ♥
Thanks for reading!

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