Colourpop Lippie Stix in Heart On (Matte)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

First of all, I'd like to thank Paradise Treats on Instagram, because I won a giveaway and I was so excited because this is my first Colourpop... I know, I know.. You guys must be asking, "Why did I wait for a giveaway?.. Why didn't you buy your own?.. It's worth the hype and all.." Now, I freaking know! 

Anyway, so there were 7 of us who won the giveaway and I was one of the girls who received a lippie stix and I think two of us received the ultra matte line (lucky!). Since it is my first Colourpop I was beyond ecstatic to receive this! Hey, it's free!

Colourpop Lippie Stix has tons of other shades, from different types of nudes up to the really bold ones and even really dark ones (which is black). On the website it's $5.00 / Php230.00 but since Colourpop doesn't ship here in the Philippines (bummer), we have to get it from online shops on Instagram, Facebook or Shopee.. etc.. and the price range is Php400.00 to Php450.00 ($8-$10) plus shipping fee which is cray.

Packaging is awesome, pretty simple and straightforward. You get 1.0g of product and I like that the actual lippie is small in diameter because you can easily reach the corners of your lips. This is very pigmented and creamy! I thought that my Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick in Touch of Spice was the creamiest, but this glides on like a dream and the color pay off is awesome. You can get the color with just a swipe. For this shade, Heart On is pretty true from the color of the packaging to the actual product. 

This shade, Heart On, is in between the colors pinks and purples! This is yet another awesome summer lip color! It makes a bold statement and really brightens up a look.

Although the packaging says that it is a matte lippie, it's not a true matte. It's kind of a creamy matte and has a tad bit shine which makes the lips look healthy and moisturized. I recommend this if you're not in to completely matte lippies.

So here, I just applied the lippie stix. It has a bit of tackiness but nothing problematic. After a while, I noticed it settled on the lines of my lips then again, it doesn't bother me. I just press my lips together to spread the lippie and I'm good. With one swipe, you can get the color right away.

Here, I've worn this lippie for 9 hours in total. It did fade a little but I didn't feel that I had to retouch at all. And all I can say is that this is really an amazing product!

Here are my thoughts.

♥ Creamy.
♥ Very pigmented.
♥True to color.
♥So many shades to choose from you are bound to find what you like at least one.
♥ Packaging is really sturdy and simple, I love it!
♥ Scented, but doesn't have that strong "factory" scent if you know what I mean.
♥ Long lasting!

♦ It does transfer but after a few hours, transfer is very minimal.
♦ Not really matte. There's a bit of sheen to this product so since it says that this is a "matte" product, so I expected it to be like a real matte lippie that's why I  I listed it under cons.


I give this a 4/5. ♥

Overall, is Colourpop really worth the hype?

Now that Colourpop is really stepping up their a-game with new colors and new formulas, I say yes, Colourpop is worth the hype. I just wish they could directly ship to my country because they are way more affordable than the online shops here. I will definitely be purchasing different colors and try other products from Colourpop as well!

So that's my full thoughts! If you have tried any of the Colourpop products let me know! If you are a blogger, link me! I love to read other blogs too! :)

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  1. bright pink looks good on you! ive actually been eyeing this color ever since i saw it on kathleen lights :) i ordered a couple of shades online but they were mostly nude, ngayon naregret ko na tuloy - i shouldve gotten this as well :(

    1. OMG, you made me realize that KathleenLights wore this color! LOL! fangirl here! heheh.. Yeah, you should've gotten at least one bold color! :D


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