Self Pep Talk

Saturday, April 23, 2016

I'm having a hard time to write about something. I know I have a ton of ideas and I have product reviews listed. Some of the products that I have for review should've been up like a month a go. But I wanted to insert more character to my blog rather than just product reviews. I post thoughts here and there but I haven't really put or exerted much effort in to it. I expected more from myself and just to keep everything going and going. I don't post as much as other beauty bloggers out there who are posting like almost everyday. I post once a week because I don't want to be burned out of ideas and I want to keep blogging fun and creative rather than making it a daily responsibility. Do you get what I mean?

Earlier this month, Google approved my blog for Google Adsense and I was beyond happy and excited! As you can see, there are some ads here and I hope that you wouldn't find it annoying. ♥  Also, I have been approached by brands from different social media platforms and getting messages from them is something that made me happy that these people appreciate the thing that I do and sees the potential that this blog has. I haven't really jumped in and welcomed it all because some of them work for me but some didn't which is kind of sad but that's okay because being acknowledged already gave me that feeling of content and to think that, well, I think, that I haven't exerted the effort that I was expecting from myself. I don't want to drift away from blogging because I realized that I am just wasting time. If you scroll down a bit to my blog archive I have been blogging inconsistently since 2012. I have wasted more than three years doing other things and most of the time procrastinating. Okay. Maybe I am overreacting with procrastinating so let's just say that I was doing other important stuff, but I realized, not really that important and I could've made time for blogging.

Whenever I feel uninspired, I take a break and that's fine. We need to take a break sometimes to recharge right? What I do is that I read blogs, go out, explore new things.

So anyway, here I am again and doing quite well since February this year (pats self in the back). I have learned to appreciate that little hard work that I put in to this blog and looking forward to more and you guys, my beloved readers who have been reading until this point (Comment "Nutella" for a random quote reply! ♥), thank you so much! I truly appreciate every page view and comment on my blog. You guys say the nicest things and I will take that as an inspiration to write and keep going and enjoy this little thing that I love doing. I'm happy that I have been consistent this past 3 months and I will keep this going til I can!

My mantra is "I can and I will!".

My goal is to do the thing that I love and at the same time, to have that financial freedom. ♥

How about you? What's your struggles? Do you experience the same sentiments? What's your ultimate goal? Would love to chat on the comments!

Thanks for reading,

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  1. i love nutella! ;) congrats on your blogging milestone gecca, i can relate with this. i also post once a week lang and try not to burden myself with blogging so that every post comes from the heart rather than feeling like its a chore :)

    1. Wow! Nice to see your name here Ms. Shayne! I'm so thrilled! ♥

      Glad that you feel the same way! I see other pinay bloggers post almost everyday like, how do they even do that!? It takes me 2 days to post an article for my blog.. you know.. making sure everything is right. :)


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