L'oreal Paris Mat Magique All-In-One Matte Transforming Powder

Friday, April 15, 2016

 Hi guys! I've had this powder foundation for, I think more than a month now and I haven't written a review about it yet. I've been using it most of the time whenever I go out because it matches my skin tone or at least closer to my skin tone.

Bought this on sale at SM for Php300.00 ($6.50) and the original price is Php400.00 ($8.67).

It has SPF 34 PA +++ and a promising 12hr shine resistant.

Claims: (from the box)
The first magical matte all-in-one powder infused with volcanic perlite infusion, a natural yet powerful sebum absorbant. Complexion enjoys a just-out of the shower fresh finish and sensation, 12 hour shine-free, poreless skin foundation that lasts.

1. Primes +
Shine free skin canvas for a skin-balancing preparation.

2. Covers +
Minimize the appearance of all blemish and skin imperfections.

3. Perfects +
Ultra-smooth poreless skin transformation, a refined airy smoothing finish.

Result: 12 hour shine-free fresh look, impeccably poreless finish and ultra sensorial velvety soft touch. Use alone or apply evenly over BB cream or Liquid foundation.


All of the above are claims and results from women who assessed this powder foundation.

I really like the sponge. It looks really fine with rounded corners/edges and not like the usual ones we see on compact powders.

 Here's the back with small square holes on the sponge compartment for hygienic purposes.

Here's the swatch on my hand. Really close to my skin tone. I have the shade G1 Vanilla Ivory.

Here's my bare face. :D

And here after application. As you can see, for me it has a very light coverage but definitely evened out my skin tone. It lightly covered the redness around my nose and that pink spot just above my lips if you can see that. You can build it up or add more if you want to conceal those redness.

I've done my makeup here and ready to start my day! 

After two hours of wear, the foundation held up really good and to think that it was really hot that day at around 9 - 11 AM. It was pretty much the same except that I had some oil peeking through my nose but nothing too major.

At around the middle of the day, at around 1PM, it already caked around my nose but you can easily retouch it. It was just very minimal and I really don't mind that at all.

At the end of the day, I really can't tell if I still have foundation on because it was so hot, very humid and I had a nap. So through out the day, it lasted me around 4-5 hours. I did not bother to retouch because it was dead-hot that day!

About using it as a powder finish for a liquid foundation, I have no problem at all!

♥ Leaves a fresh matte finish.
♥ Evens out skin tones and perfects imperfections.
♥ Packaging is sturdy and has a nice mirror.
♥ Product is buildable.
♥ Performs well on humid weather.

♦ Doesn't last a long time (basing it from the claims that it should be shine-free for 12hrs). I've used this numerous times and it just lasts for an average amount of time (4-5 hours) and then I retouch.
♦ If you have oily skin, expect that you will have to retouch at least once or twice depending on the weather.

My rating: 

Overall, for me, it's a good product! I reach out to this more often than my other powder foundation because it just feels good on the face and the finish is really there. I would buy this product again once I hit pan! ☻

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  1. Great review. I don't used a lot of L'oreal products. My skin was and still is a great challenge for dermatologists and for me as a long- life- study :-)

  2. Totally new product for me! You look so good without it as well. It might work for me as I need something to cover slightly and easy to use. Tjanks for telling both pros and cons :)

  3. Your skin looks perfect! You don't even need foundation! Beautiful :)

  4. Great review, i'm not going to be using the product anytime soon, but it's good knowledge and I'll know in the future what girls are talking about.

  5. What an awesome review! I'm always looking for new foundations, but unfortunately based on your review, this one won't work for my oily skin. Thanks for giving both the good and bad for the foundation, it really helps with decision making!

  6. Great review! I'm definitely going to try this product soon!

  7. oh, we don't have this product here! or they use different container for the Netherlands. Sounds like an amazing product . Great review

  8. Great review! I think it looks like a great new product! I really like the sponge.

  9. Great review. It matches your skin tone so well. It sounds like it would last really well too. We rarely have hot days here in the UK so it would probably last a whole day!

  10. I am not into matte powders! unfortunately they don't stay long , and they looks horrible on my skin :(
    I liked how you reviewed your progress by hours! it gives a very realistic image it might be the only scale for most woman to test the quality of any powder! GIGI

  11. I have large oily pores so I am in desperate need of a pore minimizer that mattifies my skin. You look great!

  12. I love Loreal products! this one looks worth to try as well. With the time it can last, I will defintely test get and test it.

  13. Informative post. I dont usually wear make-up, but will def try this. You look beautiful with or without make-up:)

  14. My wife likes this product so much. She always used this every occasion or party we go to.

  15. This looks fab, I've been looking for something quite light as most feel quite heavy on my skin! Will have to check it out x

  16. Wow wow! Great review. I do own a few L'oreal products and I really like them.

  17. Looks like a really nice light foundation. Nothing that really needs caking in is a hit with me

  18. Great review, I love how it gives a matt finish. But L'oreal foundations always broke me out :S


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