Elf vs Ever Bilena vs Nichido Eyeliners :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HI! This is my FIRST make up blog and it is a review! :) I thought I could have a review about 3 of my eyeliners that I have. They are very affordable and you can buy them anywhere in the Philippines! ♥

So, here is what I got... 3 very different eyeliners... and I've used them all before :)

For the Nichido, I got this as free with the Nichido eyeshadow pallete. But I had one of this before and it is for only 60 pesos ($1.50). This is not waterproof so you have to be cautious when you wear this. It doesn't smudge once it dries and it has a soft thin brush applicator. This suites girls who wears eyeliner really thin. :)

This one, as you can see is the Ever Bilena Water Resistant Eyeliner. I've used this almost every day, specially when I go out. I like it because it's water resistant, so I don't have to worry if I got a little teary. Also, what I like about this is that it has a hard tip which is very helpful when applying the product because it makes it easier to use. By the way, this was just a gift to me so, I don't really know how much it costs. I tried looking it up in the internet but I can't find a packaging like this. :(

Last is the ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, I just purchased it and I'm new to this product. So, when I got this, I was really excited but when I tried to use it, I was pissed off because the tip was busted! Dang! SO, I tried to look it up in the internet and I've found some bloggers that had the same problem. But, thank goodness, there is a TIP or TRICK to this. So, if you happen to buy this eyeliner pen and also, turns out that the tip is dry, what you should do is, TAKE OFF the tip. YES. Take it off. Don't be scared about damaging the product. Just take it off gently and then, you can see that it has another tip at the end! So, it has 2 tips and just place the dry tip on the end (inside) of the pen and there you go! :) YAY! Works, totally great! So, this has easy application since it is a pen and it glides on to your eyelids. This is only for 125 pesos ($3).

So, I tested all 3 in my had and from top to bottom is the Nichido, Ever Bilena and ELF. So, the Nichido has a thin line going on there. If you want it to be thicker, just apply a  little bit more. As for the Ever Bilena, you will notice that this one is pigmented and it is really matte, which is a good thing. :) I recommend for you to use Ever Bilena liquid eyeliner products, if you're going for that thick cat-eye look. So, at the bottom is the ELF pen. I like this because as you can see, it has that even distribution of the liquid eyeliner.

SO, all three product doesn't smudge and lasts for AT LEAST 6-8 hours, so thumbs up for that! <3 <3 <3

Thanks for reading!

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  1. woooh okay i'd love to try this EB product .thanks for the review dear :)


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