My Skin and Lip Moisturizers

Friday, November 30, 2012

When you live in a humid country, expect your skin to get dry. Often times, my skin needs a lot of loving and some moisturizing because, it tends to get dry and unhealthy looking specially when I wear shorts. I have no problem with hair on the legs 'cause I don't have any and the problem is just the dry unhealthy looking skin on my legs. I don't understand why is it just on my legs. But anyway, here is a solution for the problem and my mom-in-law gave it to me...

It's SPAresource's Body Butter. You can purchase this online at and I'm not sure where here in the Philippines. I have 3 of them, Island Paradise, Very Berry and Coconut. Body butters are really thick moisturizers and really heavy when it comes to the product. They smell so good it's like wearing a perfume. I also love the feel of it. It's feels like I've been pampered and it's so smooth on the skin and lasts for hours. This suits me well, because I really have dry skin and body butters are perfect to do the job. Most body butters contain coconut oil and Shea butter that is wonderful for dry skin. I know for a fact that body butter should be applied correctly on the dry areas of the skin and it is best to apply this product right after a nice bath. You should really spread the product as much as possible because a little goes a long way and if you put loads of amounts on the skin, there would be some clogging on the pores since the body butter serves as a "barrier" from the outside environment. SO, that's good to know.

On my lips is the Baby Lips Glow by Maybelline. This product is wonderful for moisturizing the lips.

You can purchase this at any SM Department Store and this is only for Php 89.00. I have chapped or dry lips also. Sometimes, I see some skin of my lips coming off. It's really dry and when I apply my favorite gel lip stain, it stings my lips and it's very irritating to apply. So, I now use Baby Lips to keep my lips healthy. This one that I have is Baby Lips Glow in Pink Blast. I love it because when I apply it, I let it set for maybe a minute or two and my lips becomes a little pink nude color. I really have pale lips so, I'm thankful that this has color because I don't want my lips to look pale yet a little greasy looking.

This is my lips now. I've been using this lip moisturizer for 3 days and my lips have definitely improved. I try to apply them as often as possible even before I go to sleep because I want to have better results. BTW, before applying lip balms or lip moisturizers, when you brush your teeth, softly brush your lips so that the dry or dead skin would come off. Of course, use a soft bristled tooth brush because lips are very sensitive.

I'm so happy with the results so far. I'm expecting more because I haven't used these products for a week, what more for a month right? :)

Thanks for reading!

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