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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hi guys! How have you been doing? Good? Awesome! I am writing to share my summer mini adventures. I've decided to write about summer because lately, the weather has been a bit gloomy and it'll rain a bit then sunny again and then cloudy again. Mind you, this is my kind of weather. I'm a cozy, home-buddy kind and this kind of weather just makes me think of having a hot coffee, few biscuits, blanket and cozy up. But I kind of miss the hot sun and the beach and pools... So, I've decided to share a few photos that are taken over the last couple of months.

Taken just after the sunrise on our local beach. Just wanted to go to the beach with the kids and take in the salty air and have breakfast on the huts. :) 

This one is in Burgos/Pagbilao Quezon. Kwebang Lampas beach is very well known island "virgin" beach... well.. was. LOL. But still there are no resorts here which is awesome because you are far from the city and very close to nature! Very clear waters, white sand and perfect place to chill. Can you see the cave just over the boat behind me? That's like an under pass to the sea! Cool isn't it?Expect tents everywhere when you visit. :)

Still in Kwebang Lampas but on the different side of the island. :)

This one is in a well-known resort in Lucban Quezon. Batis Aramin is one of the few resorts in Quezon where in your family can stay and have fun! It is indeed a home away from home! Although there are no beaches here, but there are, I think around 3 to 5 pools here. Companies love to spend their Team Building here because there are also fun activities that you can do aside from swimming. You can go on a zip line, wall climbing and more.

One of the pools in Batis Aramin Resort. I was taking a photo of my boys when the life guard asked if I wanted to have a picture with my family. Well, OF COURSE! So, there 'ya go! Can you just look the skin tone of my arm to my leg? (wth! hahhahah) Momma needs a tan! I'll have a post up soon regarding our stay at Batis Aramin. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary there and glad we did! :)

So that's just few adventures I've had with my family over the past couple of months.

How's yours so far? :)

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  1. ow you have kids na pala - i didnt expect you look super duper young kasi on photos :) i hope this beach wont get abused s future na prang bora na puro estblishments na ngayon

    1. Yes, I have two boys! Hehehe.. I hope that too because it is such a nice beach and unique since it has a cave nearby. Hindi nman siguro mpapatayuan ng establishments kase mliit lng din nman ung beach. :D Thank you for your comment :D


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