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Sunday, September 09, 2012

So Hi! So new to the world of blogging and I've decided to join in! :) Because first reason that I wanted to blog is that it is Healthy! Like having to have a diary of it and of course, I am inspired of my Blog Idols like Laureen Uy of and of course Camille Co of :) I'm really happy getting started with my new blog post and I'll be posting some from time to time. And as I post some thoughts of mine, I will also be learning, and with that I hope my readers will to (if I'll be having any) :) and will be exploring some cool stuffs. :) So, let's Enjoy!! :))

So starting this blog is so new to me, i mean, yeah I've read blogs but never really started one. Is there like a book "Blogging for Dummies"? Seriously? I've read in the internet, thanks to my buddy Google, that you have to have a certain topic for blogging, as for me, I just wanted to write about anything that interest me, or that makes me happy. :) Family, friends, relationships, advice, hobbies, fashion and so on and so forth.. :) Anyways, I will be posting some great stuffs soon! PROMISE! :)

Thanks for reading!

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