Review and First Impression: NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Hi ♥!

This one is an oldie but a goodie and has been around for ages already! I just recently ventured on eyebrow products that are powdered and cream based. I love eyebrow pencils and I've used it since 2012 and I've been content with it but of course, being a make-up lover, I have to try different eyebrow products as well!

At first I was completely torn between In2it Waterproof Eyebrow Colour and the Wetnwild Ultimate Brow Kit. I was hesitant to purchase the brow kit form In2it because it doesn't have a wax and I was afraid that it won't last long because of  oil and sweat, but that is just my opinion. About the Wet'nwild brow kit, I just couldn't find a seller that sells it near my area, so I got NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder. :)

Product description:
Our recipe for cooking up exquisite eyebrows includes wax tools and a pair of complementary powders which can be customized to create the ideal shade. Each Eyebrow Cake Powder Kit includes a slanted brush and a spoolie to shape, style and tame eyebrows.

I got mine in the shade dark brown/brown. First, I was looking for the shade Taupe, but I'm glad I got the dark brown because it's just perfect for me and it's close to the color that I have been using, only a little darker.

I have been using this for more than two weeks now and this has been my "go to/everyday" eyebrow kit. I have been ignoring my Ever Bilena Brow Pencil and I'm kind of feel guilty that I don't use it as much anymore (is that weird? do you feel the same about a product as well?) Anyway, I've used this with the setting wax and without. I use the setting wax when I am going to be out of the house for hours (whenever I'm running errands), and I use just the powder when I am at home and I feel like using it. This stays on my brows for a good amount of time and touch ups are minimal.


♥ I love the staying power of this product! Lasts more than 8 hours on my brows. ♥
♥ Could use a little bit of touch up because of sweat and oil (depends on humidity) ♥
♥ Perfect for everyday wear. Gives the brows a natural look. ♥
♥ Easy application. ♥
♥ Affordable ♥

• Brush and spoolie are too small but it didn't bother me that much though. You still get good results, •

I advise you to use a separate brush when applying the wax and another one when applying the brow powder just to keep your kit clean. Personally, I apply the wax first after brushing my brows with the spoolie and then use another one to dip in to the powder.

For Php270.00 ($5.78), this is worth the try! Yay for natural looking brows!

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