First Impression: IN2IT Facial Highlighters in Warm Glow

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hi guys! Summer is here! And if you live in a tropical country like I do, its almost always summer all year long! Aside from your everyday skin routine, sometimes we want to give our skin a little more boost to make it look younger, healthier and glowing

I just bought this the other day while I was cruising along the Watson's aisle in SM department store (Down side of this product is that it's only available in South East Asia...*sad face*). I've always kind of window shop there and just look at pretty makeup but not really buy anything because I always had in mind, will I always use this? Because dumping it in my makeup drawer will be such a waste. 

IN2IT has always caught my attention because I'm a sucker for pretty colors and pretty little packaging and they look so fancy and cute. And this facial highlighter looks amazing. At first I thought it was a blusher, then the attendant said it can be a blusher if you just use the bottom half of it. Well I suppose it could. Also, can be an eye shadow because the colors are not all mixed up and it has warm colors and I just love earthy tones on my face. So it's almost like a 3 in one for me and if I have to go somewhere this could be really handy. Bought this for only Php399.00. :) Great deal for a great product :)

I got mine in Warm Glow and there's another quad which is Radiant Pink (not quite sure of the name) that has more of a peach to pinky shades. It's a plus that this contains Vitamin E and has no fragrance good for people who has skin allergies or those who gets irritated with scents.

From the top, the first one has a pearl color, second is more in the shade of muted gold, third is a warmer color more of a bronze and fourth is a peachy/rose gold color. All of it are of course, shimmery but not to the extent of having chunks of glitter.

It's quite pigmented but very subtle looking because of the shimmer. 

Here's my face.

I used the highlighter under my eyes, just above the apples of my cheeks, on my nose, under my eyebrows, forehead and a little bit on my chin. It does remind me of Korean makeup when they highlight their face it just looks healthy. fresh and glowing!

Looking at photos on the internet, it's almost the same as The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer, but I'm not quite sure because I haven't used or owned one. What do you think?

Well, I am really pleased with this product. I am glad that I pushed myself into purchasing it. It definitely goes in my list of 'Highly Recommended'. :)


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  1. I've been looking for a cheap yet good highlighter since last week. I completely forgot to check IN2IT! Thanks for this review, looks like I've found it <3
    xx, Ava

    1. glad to know this blog helped you! ♥


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