Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hi! So, you've guessed it. Yes. I gave in to the band wagon. I bought this months ago though. I was curious because so many bloggers was raving about it and it's very affordable (Php225.00). This isn't a review, just wanted to share how is it for me. Do I think it's good or not. :)

So, I have been using this mascara for a few months now and I have to say, it's a love/hate relationship. At first I was excited that I get to use it, although, as I said before, I researched first and came to know that many people liked it so that was good enough for me to purchase. But I think I expected too much from this product, still, I have to say it was not a waste of money at all.

Pros ♥ I like that it does promise lengthening and my lashes would look more defined (because I don't have that much lashes and it's kind of short and scarce). ♥ It's easy to remove. I just wash my face and it just slides off but if you have troubles removing it, I suggest oil based make-up remover or probably a substitute like baby oil. ♥ It does stay on our lashes. Because sometimes, I get teary or I rub my eyes unknowingly and I don't get panda eyes. ♥ For me, it doesn't need to be applied up to 3 coats, 1 coat is enough and that's good news for saving time and product.

Cons • It doesn't hold the curl of my lashes. It straightened it within 2 minutes or so, so that's a bummer. What I did was, after curling my lashes, I don't apply them all the way down to the roots of the lashes. Instead, I just apply them on halfway or so on the lashes up to the tips and then I apply a liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner on the roots of the to make them appear thicker. • Another thing that bothered me is that it takes a minute or two to dry. So make sure after applying it, you must be cautious of your lashes especially when you have really gorgeous eye make-up on. • Last is that it doesn't separate the lashes as much like the way I expected them too. I'm not too pleased with the wand and sometimes I have to use a lash comb to separate them.

So that is just what I have experienced with Fashoin 21's Double Up Mascara. But all in all I have to say it's a good product. Do I recommend it? Yes, if you have thick lashes or you were born with curled lashes or if your lashes are not as stubborn as mine. :) I will still be using this mascara because even though I had troubles with it, I learned some techniques of my own and I think I'll be using this from time to time now. Have you used this mascara before? Let me know!


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