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Friday, October 11, 2013

Hi guys!

Haven't been blogging recently (what's new to this story?) but, now, I just have something that I can not not share with you guys since it is rather exciting (as you can tell by the title) and good news.


I am so excited. Extremely excited.

So I joined way back in August and thought I'll give it a go because if you visit my blog, you would know I am fond of Digital Make-up and I love to Photoshop. Mechanics are simple and easy to follow plus they have this app where you can manipulate the make-up application to your uploaded photo or to the photos of the models available in the app. It's a really fun process because you have different types of models ranging from a model that has a British features to models that are Asian and has an almond shaped set of eyes, different types of skin tones, face shapes, lips and all. 

Here's my entry.

Unlimited entries are welcome and in fact gives more chance of winning, but as for me, I just chose this one because I really liked how it turned out and how the make-up really opened up her eyes. The color of of foundation I chose is perfect for her skin tone. I chose purple with a little bit of pink for her eye make-up because I love purple and it almost goes with anything ♥. 
Since her eye make-up is a little bit strong, I went soft on her lips because rules of make-up, if you're going for a strong eye make-up, you should go nude on the lips or something really soft and light and if you're gonna go light on eye make-up, then go for something bold on the lips like bright red or maybe a plum color.

And I honestly forgot all about it because it's been more than a month after I joined and no one from Avon has contacted me and I guess it was a fail until last Monday. An unknown number was calling me on my phone and I was at the office, completely preoccupied at the moment and Mara (I think it was her name) told me that I have won. I was shocked because I never win anything! I suck at raffles and contests and that's why I'm making a big deal out of this and just pouring my feelings to this blog! 

I haven't received the items yet, but as soon as i do, you guys will know! I'm excited for the Avon products and I hope it is what I am expecting which is the new line of course! If not I'll be kind of a little bit disappointed but I will surely be happy to receive them! So expect swatches and honest reviews and raves  about them. ♥

'til my next blog post! ♥♥♥

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