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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hi guys!

If you don't know yet, one of the things I love when it comes to makeup is doing my eyebrows! It's so crazy these days that you can see a lot of women or young girls wanting to get that on-point, on-fleek brows! And with all the eyebrow products that are coming out of the market and all the different kinds of techniques that you can do with your brows, it's nice to come back to the natural almost no-makeup look brows.

If you've been with me for a while, you'll notice that I love bold brows but I also like to tone it down a bit. I've posted an updated eyebrow routine before and you'll see what I mean. 

Just a little background though, I REALLY have sparse eyebrows so having a set of full eyebrows is like a dream! I've used brow pencils, brow pomades, brow powders with or without wax and there are really some hits and misses with products especially when we talk about the prices. Some are worth it while some are just hyped.

So enough with the chit-chat.

Fashion21 was kind enough to send me their brow products to try. I was so excited to test them out and wanted to let you guys know what I think about them.

So these are Fashion21's Auto Eyebrow Pen and they sent me three different shades, Greyish Brown, Light Brown and Dark Brown. 

I've had an eyebrow pencil before in the shade of grey, I was loving that at first then realized that it was too grey and almost looked odd but at the time I didn't care because it was close to my natural hair color. So I'm really looking forward to all these shades!

I love how sleek these brow pens look and it's a major plus that they are retractable so no worries about sharpening them. And the product itself aren't too thick nor too thin, the shape and diameter is just perfect for creating hair-like strokes and would not easily break.

Here are the shades lightly swatched. My fave, as expected, is the greyish brown because I love the taupey-ashy color in person and it is closest to my natural hair color.

For Php85.00, you'll get 0.25g (net wt) of product which for me is definitely worth the money.

In the photo above, I just made an outline as I always do and with a light hand, did small hair-like strokes. You can also use a spoolie to brush out any harsh lines or leave it as it is. Application is really easy, the product isn't that creamy which I prefer. For me, Fashion21's Auto Eyebrow Pen really performs well. 

As you can see, from sparse to full in just two easy steps! 

I used the dark brown shade for this look and my eyebrows really look natural! Just the way I like it! Love it! I'd recommend you give it a try! ♥

You can check out their products at their website here or hit like on their Facebook page here to be updated of their latest sales, promos and giveaways. If you're on Instagram, follow them here. ♥

Until next blog post, xoxo!

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