First Impression: Anastasia BH Brow Genius Kit

Thursday, January 29, 2015

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A friend asked me to try out the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius Kit (shade is medium brown). She says that I might like them because she wasn't using it for a long time and I said I'd give it a go. :)

This is how the kit looks like. There's a brow brush with a spooley, Beauty Genius Gel for waterproofing and the Brow Wiz Loose Powder. This retails for $46.00 (Php2,000.00) in the Anastasia BH website but, my friend bought it for Php1,600.00 online

I just followed the instructions on how to mix the brow gel and loose powder and it's really not that hard to follow. 

Beauty Genius Clear Waterproofing Gel

Brow Wiz Loose Powder

Brow Brush with spooley blender

Here, I've put the loose powder on a clean and clear top lid of one of my compact blushers.

Swipe the brow brush along one side of the beauty genius applicator tip to collect the clear waterproofing gel.

Mix Beauty Genius and Brow Wiz Loose Powder to form a paste. Then use the brush to fill in the brows.




I really like how it turned out. I mean, for an expensive product expectations are so high. I like how it looks natural on photos, where in real life, face to face of course you could definitely tell that I am wearing something on my brows. However, I really liked how it looked overall and to think that it was my first time applying a paste on my brows, it did an awesome job.

Definitely long wearing! I applied it around 9 in the morning and it's still solid by afternoon! Amazing! This is so appropriate for occasions or if you are attending an event, this will last 'till morning! Although, I must admit that it's a little time consuming for me. I mean, you have to brew the potion first, right? I don't advise this for everyday wearing especially for a mom like me who is always on the go.

I am delighted that there is an applicator and a spooley in the kit. Because at first, when I mixed the products together, the paste got in to the brush and when I applied it, my brows appeared too strong and thick! Good thing you can fix that with the spooley after the product dries. My tip is, have two brow brushes, one for mixing and one for applying so you can manage how much product to put on your brows.

Really love this one! A bit pricey, but if you want your brows to really last long, this is for you!


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