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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hi! Hello!

Here I am blogging with a Month Fave! Because I feel the need to! And of course, to share with you guys some of the things that I am really loving for the past month! I have really been busy with mainly work and procrastination! No. Just kidding. Let's get on with it!

So, first item on my favorites for the month of August is San San's Eyebrow Pencil! I have learned the importance of eyebrows. Eyebrows are there to frame the face. So, if you have a beautiful frame for the beautiful set of eyes, then I envy you because I don't have much going on my brows really. So I have to "draw them in". I use a dark brown shade (I use a gray shade before then I ran out and it's hard for me to get another by this time) to soften the face.

Second item on my list is this Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream. I use this almost everyday. Yes, as matte as it is we should keep the lips moisturized and that is why i apply a lip balm at night!

Also, I bought this lippie, like, 2-3 weeks ago and i love it! brightens up the face, perfect for light, girly look. It is Fashion 21's Aqualicious line in Little Mermaid. I love it. It's just so light and glides on smoothly on the lips and it's moisturizing!

For face foundation, I use Careline's Liquid foundation in Natural. I like to have everything light on my face, and I think it does the job AND I've been getting compliments about it. It has a dewy finish and just feels natural on the face when it is set. it says "Oil Control" but to be hones, it's not so oil control. I had to put a little bit of powder on my T-zone but it doesn't bother me that much so still on my August list of faves!

It has a very natural finish, very light and a little goes a long way!

For fragrance, I continued to use my old perfume, which I had for ages but I don't really use it that much before because whenever I buy a new one, I just discontinue using the old ones. So now I use it and I've forgotten how they smell really nice and not too strong. I got this from my aunt from Japan and everything is in Japanese. It is Pink Jewel in Fragrance Garden.

It's a big bottle and it's almost half empty!

So that's it for my August faves!

What have you been using for the past month? Do you recommend it? Let me know! I would love to try new products!

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